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Ball and Arnaz were willing to completely reinvent the way sitcoms were made in order to live their personal lives, and produce their show the way they wanted.I Love Lucy hasn’t been forgotten yet (we’re still watching old episodes), and may never be forgotten.It was the first show inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, and multiple publications, including TV Guide and TIME, have named it one of the best television shows of all-time.While I Love Lucy wasn’t the first sitcom, it can be argued that it is the series from which the modern concept of the sitcom stems.Ball had been starring on the radio show My Favorite Husband and CBS wanted to turn that into a TV show with her radio co-star Richard Denning.

While they were cajoled into creating a weekly show instead of a biweekly show, they would not bend in other areas.Where Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz really made an impact was in the certain innovations they made in the way television shows were filmed and stories were presented.First off, the fact that Ball and Arnaz got to star in the show was fairly impressive to begin with.I Love Lucy is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time.It’s a show so well-structured, and so beloved, it continues to air in 2016, even though the last new episode premiered in 1957.

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Those kinds of shows were single-camera, with a laugh track tacked on (laugh tracks were essentially a given).