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Dedicated to the role and struggles of women in the radical movements, this panel will pay tribute to the past and present female revolutionary thinkers and activists of Russia, Rojava and the UK, and will reflect on their shared and unique challenges, tactics and achievements.Speakers: Anna Zobnina, Leda Garina, Angelina Lesniewski, Sheila Rowbotham, Nadia Plungian, and Rahila Gupta Do you want to speak truth to power?This workshop will explore both frightening developments and inspiring legal challenges of a patriarchal criminal justice system.The panel includes: Harriet Wistrich, lawyer and founder of the Centre for Women’s Justice; Pragna Patel, campaigner and director of Southall Black Sisters; Professor Lisa Avalos on rape complainants charged with perverting the course of justice and Fiona Broadfoot on a ground-breaking legal challenge of criminal convictions arising from street prostitution.Venue: Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL (nearest tube stations: Russell Square, Euston)Leader of the Women's Equality Party We’re all familiar with Testosterone Rex: the pervasive idea that risk-taking, competitive masculinity evolved in males to enhance reproductive success, and that these traits are therefore wired into the male brain, and fueled by testosterone.This compelling set of interconnected beliefs seem to offer an explanation for why men are much more likely than women to achieve Rex-like status in society – but do the scientific ideas bear up to scrutiny?Once the chat ends, the victim is contacted by the blackmailer, who then tries to elicit money from him by threatening to release the sensitive images.Two such incidents unfolded at the University of Colorado in September, prompting campus police to open an investigation and send out statements to students, warning them what to look out for.

Investigators have yet to make any arrests, though.Children and infants are welcome during the main sessions at their adult's discretion.Lunch is not provided but can be bought at any of the many nearby cafes, or you are welcome to bring your own. please choose three workshops for each day that you plan to attend.Are you involved in campaigning against SEVs (lap dancing clubs) in your local area, or are you thinking of starting a campaign?In this practical workshop, Alison Boydell and Helen Mott will share their experiences, information and resources gained over years of feminist campaigning in Sheffield and Bristol.

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Speakers: Harriet Wistrech, Pragna Patel, Lisa Avalos, Fiona Broadfoot October 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

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