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Sex grnny aferika

The motivation behind this fit and active gogos’ movement is HACT’s annual Gogolympics event which in 2017, is set to take place on the 27 April.This past year, this unique event drew a record number of gogos – over 1500, who were all keen to show off their physical abilities on the sports field.In addition to their weekly support group meetings, the gogos come together weekly to participate in a variety of sporting and outdoor activities.Some groups walk together, others play soccer and some even hold aerobics classes in their local community hall.The future of South Africa lies in the hands of our children, and since these children are increasingly being raised by their grandmothers, it is our grandmothers that need to be supported and enabled in order that they can provide a loving, stable home environment for our future leaders.The aim of our granny support groups project is to educate, empower and uplift grandmothers who are caring for orphaned grandchildren in the Valley of 1000 Hills region of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, leading to better life outcomes for both the grandmothers and their grandchildren.This course is very popular amoungst the grannies as they have the chance to ask any questions they may have related to their relationship with the grandchildren and the ways to best support them.

This year, Nombango partipcated in the 400m relay race at the 2016 Gogolympics.This event is also an important part of our gogo support groups programme as it serves to inspire and motivate our gogos.Each group is visited regularly by HACT HIV Counsellors and Testers and a trauma counsellor, to ensure that all grannies and their grandchildren know their status and have the opportunity to work through past trauma.- Provide the gogos with trauma counselling to help them deal with their past struggles and losses in life.- Provide HIV/AIDS counselling and testing to the gogos and to their grandchildren, ensuring all gogos and their grandchildren know their HIV status - Provide one-on-one counselling and support to those gogos who are themselves HIV positive or whom have HIV positive grandchildren, ensuring initiation onto treatment, disclosure and adherence counselling and support As with all our projects, HACT adopts a holistic and family-centric approach to achieving our Gogo Support Groups project’s aim.

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The gogos sew their own graduation hats and gowns and participate in a traditional dance competition on the day which is another way of encouraging movement and physical fitness amoungst the gogos.

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