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The GT version also adds darkened light clusters, red brake callipers and the option of red seatbelts.The Mercedes SLS AMG is pretty much 70 per cent bonnet.Just starting up the 583bhp 6.3-litre V8 is enough to have you giggling, and when you floor the throttle in a tunnel, your ears will be greeted by the kind of thunderous V8 soundtrack usually heard at a NASCAR race.Lift off, and there are some hilarious pops and bangs from the exhaust.It's a flagship hand-built Mercedes, so the SLS AMG is certainly safe.It has lots of airbags, traction control (with two stages of electronic intervention), adaptive cruise control as well as a fatigue monitoring system that can spot if you're about to fall asleep at the wheel. Build quality is fantastic, and although the SLS is far from simple, it's likely to be just as reliable as it's cousin, the SL63 AMG.

Be careful in multi-storey car parks with low roofs, otherwise you might end up with some nasty scratches.You’ve likely seen it called out as “Style, Luxury, Service” and I won’t deny that’s what we’re aiming for with SLS. It’s our name and one that, as founder Sam Nazarian puts it, “will become synonymous with timeless elegance, intelligence, humanity, discovery and a completely novel guest experience.” SLS stands for a lot of things.For me, some of the most salient are memories, beginnings, innovation, playfulness and approachability.With a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 199mph, the SLS is very nearly as fast as a Ferrari 458 Italia.It feels very big and wide around corners, so it's not as engaging but it's still lots of fun to drive.

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The SLS is available in a wide variety of colours, but should you have a spare £10,000 or so, you can have it in an amazing satin matte-effect finish.

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