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Starsdating powered by vbulletin

I've wondered for years what he was doing however it didn't make sense that he would end so abruptly after being so prolific for years. He tried and tried again and again to get out of the business and each time people tried and hounded him to get back in because they made a great deal of money from his on screen exploits.

I suspect that story is a lie, the artist likely was in his 40s, 50s or 60s. By strange coincidence I had the strange fortune to have met and known a few gay porn stars dating back to the 1980's. Finally, after having met a life-partner, he forwarded his telephone number to his Mother who told everyone he had died of complications of HIV.

Both of those are interspecies rather than Beastality since the characters are both sentient.

mman, the post by JOEMUSCLE on July 11, 2005 said "LATE Richard Kerbs" meaning he had died.

He refers himself to a Raccoon because Star-Lord called him that. I feel she along with Jean Grey, was his true love. Storm did nothing but waste her precious time loving him (When there were trillions of other candidates out there) and Logan only took her for granted. At least he thought about Lady Mariko in that death scene.

It's not that much different from Beast and Agent Brand or Deathbird and Vulcan or Professor X and Lilandra. Why would Storm discriminate against 99% of the MU? And she already dated two animal themed heroes like BP and wolverine, dating and actual racoon like alien is the next logical step Oh cmon no storm and Spider-Man? He didn't even spare a thought for her on his death... I feel she along with Jean Grey, was his true love.

Maybe everybody else knew but how could I have not known? It happens to a lot of us, we grow up, we grow out of it, or we meet someone who fulfills our needs.

My assumption; maybe he burned out his HS Muscle Boy fantasy or ran out of ideas.

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Since Yachirobi brought this post to my attention I believe he has died.

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