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Stopupdatinglocation problem

The sample app I will create today will get the current weather for your last known location at various times through the day.

To do this, we’ll use a JSON feed from World Weather Online and pass it the current location (or last known location) and the app will pull down the feed and be ready to show current temperature when the app is launched. Background App Refresh works by observing how often you use an app and how often data is available.

Today, I want to show you how you can get your app to take advantage of this i OS 7 feature.

The Background App Refresh service is part of the UIApplication Delegate protocol which is declared by the App Delegate (UIApplication) class.

We have the following to work with: UIApplication €“ set Minimum Background Fetch Interval: €“ begin Background Task With Name:expiration Handler: €“ begin Background Task With Expiration Handler: €“ end Background Task: €“ set Keep Alive Timeout:handler: €“ clear Keep Alive Timeout UIApplication Delegate €“ application:perform Fetch With Completion Handler: €“ application:handle Events For Background URLSession:completion Handler: As we work through this quick tutorial, we’ll take a look at a few of the methods and properties above.

You might need to use less/more or different methods than we use in the tutorial, but hopefully we can give you enough information and a basic framework to work with for the rest to click in place for your own app.

The last %@ is replaced with the const we created earlier. If you NSLogged the URL, you should then see a correctly formatted URL that could be pasted in to a browser to provide a result.

On the next line we convert that NSString in to an NSURL with the URLWith String class method.

So running this test app might not immediately show some good results, but if you were to use this app more, the frequency at which the background app refresh occurs will be increased. The first is to add Required Background Modes to your info.plist file and then add “fetch” as a string in to that array.We then use the string With Format class method from NSString to create a url String.To do that, we paste in the URL provided by and replace the coordinates with a %@ and also replace the , with a comma. After that, we add in the coordinate.latitude and coordinate.longitude which replaces the first and second %@’s.I used current Location, current Temp and last Retreived. I wont cover this in too much detail but will provide the code and general instructions on how to work with the data provided.The code looks like the following: Header Now we move on to getting the current weather. When we do that, we’ll be then adding some Core Location framework information and will then finally move on to pulling the information from the weather API by specifying where the phone is and then retrieving the weather locally.

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Getting an API key To work with World Weather Online you need to get an API key. Check your email and click the link within and then register your app. q=53.796815,-1.753237&format=json&num_of_days=1&includelocation=yes&key=YOUR_API_KEY If you copy and paste your API key after the k= on the URL above and then paste it in to a browser, you should see some data returned. To do this, CMD N and then select Objective-C class in the Cocoa Touch section of i OS.