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An acquaintance of mine looks completely caucasian yet has a very small amount of aboriginal heritage in his family history, (one aboriginal relative dating very far back in his family generations ago). I however view this as a complete abuse of the system, he is for one a qualified engineer and really has had absolutely no disadvantage to his life due to his aboriginal heritage. EDIT: To clarify, this discussion is not about someone identifying as Aboriginal.Yet he receives a completely free masters degree due to being of Aboriginal descent and a payment of around 0 per fortnight to support his study, not even including rent assistance. To make things worse he has a very extroverted and joking personality and he will say things such as "thanks white people! I see this as taking money from those that really do need it, as there are surely Aboriginals that are truly disadvantaged out there where resources and family issues are terrible. I fully believe someone should be able to identify as Aboriginal no matter how small the amount in their family history.Or she was sent to a Christian-run school for Aboriginal girls where she was physically and sexually abused until she was old enough to leave.

Its a case of legally taking advantage of the system despite being an exact opposite of what these assistance are meant for.

She's using the fact her grandfather had an aboriginal grandparent to sail through Uni much easier than she should be able to.

the benefits aren't meant to recompense for any sort of disadvantage from being racially discriminated as a black aboriginal, nor do they operate like a disability pension which requires the person to show actual disadvantage I know someone like that with kids taking advantage of the system despite the whole family (parents children) not having any involvement in the Indigenous community at all throughout their life.

This is no doubt a controversial topic, as you will know if anyone has been keeping up with the incident of Andrew Bolts article on the topic and the response to it.

However I have recently had a first hand experience of an example of what Bolt described and I must say it seems like an absolute abuse of the system.

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BUT to give the benefits to someone that comes from for example a quite typical middle class family, that has seen no disadvantage in their lifetime due to their aboriginal heritage, that have an aboriginal relative that they probably never even knew in their lifetime and yet still claim the Aboriginal benefit to it's full amount is just irrational and senseless.