Triange dating

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We define each of his eight types of love and identify real-world examples. Some people believe in love at first sight, and others think that it takes years to develop.This is the type of love that a couple feels when their relationship is blossoming; they are drawn physically to each other, but also feel like best friends and enjoy spending time together.As romantic love lacks serious commitment, it is more prevalent in the teenage and young adult years. It is on the right side of the triangle, between the intimacy and commitment points, and is characterized by the presence of both commitment and emotional intimacy.Summer flings or whirlwind romances are good examples of this type of love. It's at the right point of the triangle and is characterized by a strong commitment to maintaining the relationship.Because empty love lacks emotional closeness and sexual attraction, examples can usually be seen in one of two circumstances: at the beginning of an arranged marriage where intimacy and passion haven't developed, or in an older relationship where both intimacy and passion have deteriorated.

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Liking is at the top point of the triangle because it involves intimacy only.