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Trigger updating

And since they should be treated as tables, use set-based operations on them whenever you can.

Too many times we see cursors going row-by-row through these tables when a set based operation would have been better.

Any new database design should make use of these new data types.

The text, ntext, and image types are not supported in AFTER triggers, but are available in INSTEAD OF triggers, so if you have to deal with columns that are of these types, you'll need to build an INSTEAD OF trigger.And do they contain a single row per row of data changed or are they truly tables? These two tables if they contain anything, contain a row for every row of data affected and therefore should be treated as tables.The trigger only fires once per operation under normal circumstances.I'm trying to put triggers on an existing database, but I am having a hard time understanding how to use the inserted and deleted tables.They make sense when I'm dealing with an INSERT or DELETE operation, but how about an update?

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PUT_LINE('Record successfully inserted into emp_backup table'); END; Second Problem: We want o update a record in the ’emp_backup’ table if a corresponding record is updated in the ’emp’ table.