Unregistered cams

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Unregistered cams

No leeway given if your vehicle is unregistered by even a day.I pay my rego twice a year so ensure I have received my renewal notice .I don't think any of the 'safety' cameras in SA have been upgraded to detect unregistered vehicles. ) and if you got done for speeding/red light through one they're probably get you.AFAIK, the traffic cameras have to be set off for a traffic light offence before it records the rego.

Mark Sawaf, 39, is in the Laurel County jail after ATF investigators connected him to the explosion, which caused a man to lose multiple fingers, according to an affidavit filed Wednesday.

This changes from year to year or period to period.

Whilst the abolition of rego stickers may have saved millions of $'s, the amount of fines has increased immensely.

Ther was an article in the local paper where they gave details of unregistered fines issued from the 5 truckie cams in SA, some cams ony nabbed a few but the Crafers unit scored thousands, including friend of daughter who got done twice 4 months apart, there must be a better way of doing this like an internet alert from DTEI, as nearly every car driver has an email address. In VIC you have to be caught committing something first.

Still if I got nabbed once I would be checking the expiry dtaes but with three vehicles it would not be hard to overlook. Whirlpool........just gotta love the virtual community...........every goose giving out crap advice you get ten pearls of wisdom like this. I drove my dad's spare car countless times when he forgot to pay the rego.

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